Capital Projects

These projects are funded by the City of Lincoln's Capital Improvement Project program. 

Aitken Ranch Park Phase 3
  • Located within the Sorrento subdivision, bordered by Sorrento Parkway, Portello Way, and Torino Loop.
  • Two phases have been completed.
  • Construction is complete! 

Approved Improvements

map showing aitken park and the 3 areas with approved improvements

  • Section A: Parking lot with concrete sidewalks.
  • Section B: Shade structures, special needs activity equipment, and prefabricated restroom building.
  • Section C: Soccer field.
Bella Breeze Park
  • Located within the Twelve Bridges community, bordered by Bella Breeze Drive, Cabra Street, and a nature preserve.
  • Contract for professional services was awarded September 2023 to develop a park master plan. 
  • For more information, view project page linked below.

Bella Breeze Park Master Plan

Henry Rood Park (formerly known as Brentford Circle Park)
  • Located within the Lincoln Crossing neighborhood, adjacent to Scott M. Leaman Elementary School.
  • Contract for design services was awarded January 2022.
  • Online survey for the park masterplan conducted Spring 2022. Thank you for your participation!
  • Design Concepts were approved by the Park & Recreation Committee on September 7, 2022
  • Biological survey of the park site was performed and a need for environmental permits was identified. On March 14, 2023, City Council approved additional environmental services to obtain PCCP/CARP (Western Placer County Aquatic Resources Program) approvals and to address CEQA requirements for Henry Rood Park. The scope of services includes biological surveys, studies, coordination with PCCP and preparation of the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) Addendum that is required for PCCP approval.

  • Due to the additional environmental surveys, the project will be delayed for the next year as the studies are completed.

Jimenez Park Phase 3

  • Located within the Lincoln Crossing neighborhood, bordered by Groveland Lane and Ferrari Ranch Road.
  • Phase 3 improvements will include a lighted soccer field, minor concrete work such as curb and sidewalk, drainage facilities and pocket picnic trellis, as well as parking lot improvements.
  • Construction contract was awarded December 2023. Construction to commence in 2024.

McBean Pickleball Court

  • Located at McBean Memorial Park off of D Street, adjacent to McBean Stadium.
  • This project converted the existing concrete surface at the former skate park site to six pickleball courts. View the site location.
  • The scope of the project included preparation of concrete surface, installation of new perimeter and court divider fencing and gates, pickleball net post sleeves, surface coating, court layout and striping. View the court layout.
  • Construction is complete!

Developer Projects

These projects are built and funded by developers.

Independence Parks