Capital Projects

These projects are funded by the City of Lincoln's Capital Improvement Project program. 

Brentford Circle Park
  • Located within the Lincoln Crossing neighborhood, adjacent to Scott M. Leaman Elementary School.
  • Contract for design services was awarded January 2022.
  • Online survey for new Brentford Circle Park masterplan is now closed. Thank you for your participation!
  • Design Concepts were presented to the Park & Recreation Committee on June 29, 2022
Aitken Ranch Park Phase 3
  • Located within the Sorrento subdivision, bordered by Sorrento Parkway, Portello Way, and Torino Loop.
  • Two phases have been completed.
  • Construction estimated to begin July 5, 2022.
  • Estimated completion date of mid-December 2022, depending on weather, COVID-19, shortage of materials and labor, or other unforeseen conditions.

Approved Improvements

map showing aitken park and the 3 areas with approved improvements

  • Section A: Parking lot with concrete sidewalks.
  • Section B: Shade structures, special needs activity equipment, and prefabricated restroom building.
  • Section C: Soccer field.

Developer Projects

These projects are built and funded by developers.

Twelve Bridges Village 10 Park & Trail
  • Park to be located at the North end of Chesapeake Court along Mackinac Drive.
  • Trail to connect the Village 10 park to Ridgecrest Drive through the Open Space.
  • Construction began Spring 2022.
Meadowlands Park
  • Neighborhood park to be located at the South East end of Ashwood Way.
  • Construction of underground infrastructure began Winter 2021.

Independence Parks