Goat Grazing

In the summer months, you may see goats and sheep grazing within the City of Lincoln's Open Space Preserves, and rights-of-way.


Grazing begins as early as January, and finishes by the end of June. Weather conditions determine when grazing begins and ends each year.


Grazing is an effective way to improve the health of our open spaces. It:

  • Controls invasive species
  • Reduces wildfire fuels
  • Maintains native plant and animal diversity
  • Reduces dead matter (thatch) build up


Grazing is conducted according to a city-wide grazing plan. Grazing contractors will be working with the herds 24 hours a day during the grazing period.

The grazing will be actively monitored to help ensure that the Preserves are not being damaged or over-grazed. As part of the ongoing monitoring of the City of Lincoln's Open Space and Preserves, biologists will collect grazing data. This data is used to make informed decisions about how many animals are used in a given area, how long they are left in one place, and is an essential part of the adaptive management of the City of Lincoln's Open Space and Preserves.

Roaming goats? Let us know!

The City needs your help to make the grazing season a success. If you see animals out of their fenced areas or have urgent safety concerns, please contact the Public Works Department immediately at (916) 434-2450 M-F from 8am-5pm, and the Lincoln Police Department at (916)-645-4040 during all other hours and weekends. Thank you!