people gathering on street
Block Party Fee $150

Conditions for approval

  • The street is a cul-de-sac, dead end, or circular street;
  • The residential street to be closed is less than a half mile in length and intersects two other residential streets.
  • The closure will start at the end of the street or intersection. Mid-block closures are not permitted.

Conditions for denial

  • Speed limit on the street is greater than 25 miles per hour
  • Street is an arterial street with more than two lanes
  • Street has a bus stop
  • Closure creates significant detours

How to obtain a neighborhood block party permit

  1. Verify your address meets the conditions for a block party permit.
  2. Complete a Neighborhood Block Park Permit Application
  3. Submit your application with application fee to 2010 First Street, Lincoln
  4. Provide the following documentation at least 30-45 days before your party date:
  • Certificate of Insurance, listing the City of Lincoln as additional insured
  • Resident Petition (included with application)