The City's Master Fee Schedule is a compilation of the fees charged for services and development with the City of Lincoln. All fees are reviewed from time to time in order to ensure that the fees charged do not exceed the estimated costs required to produce the services and that all fees are in compliance with the California Government code Sections 66016 and 66018.

Master Fee Schedule

The City uses a Master Fee Schedule to establish fees for a variety of services. The previous Master Fee Schedule, effective February 10th, 2020, was reviewed and updated for adjustments equal to the annual average increase in CPI-U (Consumer Price Index All Urban Consumers Index San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward) of 3.21%. Additionally, minor corrections have been made along with a complete revision of the Business License Fee/Rate structure. This was approved by the City Council of the City of Lincoln on September 13, 2022. The updated Master Fee Schedule (link shown above) is effective as of November 12th, 2022.  

Master Fee Schedule Sections

Building Fees
Planning Fees
Engineering / Construction / Encroachment Permits
Public Works Fees
Code Enforcement Fees
Special Events Fees
Fire Fees
Police Fees
Library Fees
Airport Fees
Administrative Fees
Business License Fees
Facility Rental Fees
Pavilion / BBQ Area Rental Fees
Sports Field Rental Fees
Aquatics Fee
Schedule of Hourly Billing Rates