Environmental Documents In Public Review

 Village 1

McBean Park Drive Bridge

 Initial Study / Mitigated Negative Declaration

  • Public review period ended July 11, 2023. Thank you for your input!
  • Adoption of the Mitigated Negative Declaration will be considered by the City Council of the City of Lincoln at the August 22, 2023 meeting. Presentations will be made at approximately 6pm. Action on items on the City Council agenda will occur after the presentations. 
  • Further information on the McBean Park Drive Bridge Replacement Project can be found on the project page.
  • Questions or concerns? Please contact Jaymie Brauer with Quad Knopf, Inc. at (661) 616-2600 or via email.

Current Environmental Documents

Joiner Ranch East Project

Wastewater Treatment and Reclamation Facility Phase 1 and Phase 2 Expansion Project

Midwestern Placer Regional Sewer EIR Addendum

Tanks #3 and #4 at Verdera North Reservoir Site

Notice of Preparation of a Supplemental Environmental Impact Report

Fullerton Ranch Planned Development Project

Mitigated Negative Declaration and Initial Study

Village 5 Project

Lincoln Meadows Project 

Independence Project

Special Use District B Northeast Quadrant Project

Archived Environmental Documents

Village 7 Project

Village 1 Project