What is a Fire Flow?

A fire flow calculates the minimum amount, in gallons per minute (gpm), of water needed to fight a structure fire and maintain minimum pressure throughout the system during the event.

The minimum amounts depend on several factors including:

  • Land use
  • Type of construction
  • Structure size
  • Fire sprinklers
  • Hazards

How to Apply

Fire Flow for 5 Lots or Less

Submit application and pay $350 fee. 

Apply for Fire Flow

Pressure Check Request

Submit application and pay $350 fee.

Apply for Pressure Check

A pressure check is not a fire flow. It is the pressure at the max day and time at a location defined by the applicant. The pressure check is performed without adding the following to the model: new infrastructure, new water demands or assigning minimum flows to fight a fire.

Fire Flow for New Development

Submit application. 

Apply for Fire Flow

Please include parcel map and email improvement plans in CAD or Shapefile to fireflow@lincolnca.gov

Fees will be determined during application review. Staff will send an invoice after application review. 

You may use online payment portal to process a credit card payment. You may also pay by check. Please coordinate check payment with staff.

Pay Fees

Credit card payments incur a 2.95% transaction fee.

Review Time

Please allow up to 1-2 weeks for pressure checks and fire flow results on five lots or less. The turnaround time for new development fire flows is determined during application review. Results will be sent via email when completed.