Hydrant Meter Rentals

The City offers hydrant meter rentals for construction and other projects. Only City-issued hydrant meters are acceptable.  To rent a hydrant meter, complete both pages of the Hydrant Meter Application and Important Notice Form.   

Submit completed application along with payment (cash/check) to: 
City of Lincoln
600 6th Street
Lincoln, CA  95648
Attn:  Utility Billing

Or to pay by credit card complete the application below:

Hydrant Meter Application and Important Notice Form


Hydrant Meter Deposit  - $ 3,000.00

Non-Refundable Processing Fees - $  200.00

  • At the time of submittal, an initial deposit of $ 3,000.00 plus a $ 200.00 non-refundable processing fee is due.
  • Any refund of the $3,000 deposit is subject to a meter and hydrant inspection for possible damages.
  • The City will bill construction water at $4.74 per unit (1,000 gallons) along with a monthly rental fee of $50.00.

Hydrant Meter Read Information

It is the vendors responsibility to relay their hydrant read to the City of Lincoln. In order to make this process easier for our customers, the City has set up an e-mail address where these reads can be sent: Hydrant Reads.

The City may require the vendor to return the meter to the City to verify the meter reading.  When supplying a read please ensure that you provide:

  • name of your organization
  • meter number
  • all eight numbers of the hydrant read (including zeros). 

The City will accept reads anytime between the 15th and 25th of each month. Failure to provide a reading will result in a service fee of $47.40 for additional staff time associated with reading the hydrant meter and processing the hydrant billing. This charge will be in addition to the monthly rental fee of $50.00. The monthly rental fee will continue to be charged until the meter is returned to the City of Lincoln. The charge for each 1,000 gallons of construction water use shall be $4.74.

Please note: The City of Lincoln is not responsible for vendor misreads. The vendor will be accountable for all unpaid water usage calculated from the beginning read to the final read when the meter is returned.

The vendor shall be responsible for all fees and charges incurred while the meter is in their possession, including costs resulting from damage, misuse, or loss.

If you have any questions,  please call the Utility Billing department or e-mail Hydrant Reads. 

Return Hydrant Meter

To return the hydrant meter, please call the City of Lincoln Public Services at (916) 434-2450 to set up a return time or email them at Public ServicesPlease do not return the meter to City Hall.  Once the meter has been checked in, a return of the remaining deposit will be mailed within 10-14 business days.