How to Apply
Complete Application
Fill out an Encroachment Permit Application and sign on both pages.
Provide Insurance
Submit Certificate of Insurance from the container company via email.
  • Please list the City of Lincoln as Additionally Insured and Certificate Holder
  • $1,000,000 minimum for each occurrence
  • $2,000,000 minimum for General Aggregate

Or, submit Policy Declaration Page of your Homeowner's Insurance Policy via email

Pay $89 Fee
Pay Online

You may also pay by check. Please coordinate check payment with Engineering staff.

Submit Permit Package
Submit completed application and Certificate of Insurance via email. You may also submit your permit package:
  • By dropping off in the locked drop-box on the 3rd floor of City Hall
  • By mailing to:

City of Lincoln

Attn: Engineering

600 Sixth Street

Lincoln, CA 95648

Renting a 3-Yard Bin from the City of Lincoln?

If you'd like to rent a 3-Yard bin from the City, you must also complete a Temporary Refuse Bin Application. For more information, please see Request for Utility Services page.

Please note, the Certificate of Insurance requirement is waived from the Encroachment Permit application when renting a bin from the City of Lincoln.

Do You Need an Encroachment Permit For Your Container?

Yes, if it's on the street where you would park your car.

No, if it's on your driveway, side yard, or anywhere on your private property.