The Request for Utility Services Form must be completed in order to set up service. A $20.00 processing fee to set up your account will reflected on the first utility bill.  This form is to establish water, sewer, and garbage service.  Please review current utility rates.  The owner is responsible to submit the form. You can submit the form in person/by mail or electronically.

Electronically Request for Utility Services

If you are a tenant, please have the owner or the property manager call the Utility Billing department at (916) 434-2430.

To End Utility Services

To place a request to end your utility services contact the Utility Billing Division at (916) 434-2430 or email Utility Billing

Senate Bill No. 998

Under the Senate Bill No. 998, the City of Lincoln Utility Division has updated our water delinquency process. The Discontinuation of Residential Water Service for Nonpayment Policy is available.


Policy available in Spanish.  Póliza disponible en español. You may review here.  Puede revisar aquí


This policy includes the Residential Water Service Disconnection Exemption application.

The resident must submit the application to our office on or before the final due date. Resident must pay the delinquent account to avoid service interruption. The program application requires:

  • proof of income
  • a doctor's approval
  • and willingness to enter into a payment arrangement.

Example proof of income options include:


This policy does not apply to an end of a service connection due to an illegal action of a customer.

Garbage Services

Request for Garbage Can

Per your request, a 90-gallon garbage can and/or 90-gallon green waste can will be delivered on the next scheduled delivery date.

If there is a can already at your residence, you will not receive a new can. If there is no can, please email the Utility billing Department.

Temporary Stop Garbage Service

To place a temporary stop on your garbage service email the Utility Billing regarding your request. 


You will need to provide the request stop date.  The temporary stop service must be at least 3 months to avoid a fee of $65.00 for request for service change.

Trash Schedule

Garbage/Green Waste pick up dates will vary depending on where you live. You must live within the incorporated City limits to receive service.  View Garbage, Recycling and Yard Waste Information.  If you need more information, email the Public Services department. 

Trash Schedule 

Request for Temporary 3-yard bin

Please note: In some cases, please allow at least two (2) business days for processing of bin request.  Bins may not be available for delivery on Fridays.  


The undersigned (customer) agrees to be responsible for any damages to the bin and to personal and public property for the duration of the lease and agrees to return the bin in a satisfactory condition.  The customer agrees the bin is available for a maximum of 14 days and that the city will remove the bin after the 14 days have elapsed.  


Bins left on the street more than 24 hours without an encroachment permit will be removed and no money will be refunded.  Customer agrees that they may rent a bin only one time per calendar year.  


A Non-Refundable Administrative fee of $25.00 will be required upon submitting the application.  A lease fee of $27.54 (Non-Prorated) and a per pick-up charge of $34.04 will be added to the monthly utility bill.  

Customer agrees to either keep the bin on private property (at no additional cost) or pay $82.00 to the city for an encroachment permit (which must be acquired before the bin will be delivered). 


Below is an image of the bin and the dimensions. 

Bin Dimensions
You can apply in person/by mail by downloading the Temporary Refuse Bin Application and forward it to the Utility Billing department at City Hall or you can apply electronically:

Apply for a Temporary Bin


Please email the Public Works Department if you have questions.