Frequently Asked Questions: 

Our fire department may not have time to respond to all inquiries.  Here you may find some commonly asked questions:

Why do I see fire engines at the supermarket?

You may notice a fire engine at local supermarkets. Firefighters shift schedule keeps them at the fire station for 48 hours straight. Crews will shop for supplies to cook during their shift. Employees provide their own food while at work, and often chip in together for collective meals. It is important to note that there are sometimes multiple fire agencies that might shop for groceries here in the City of Lincoln; so that big red fire engine might not always belong to the Lincoln Fire Department.

How can I obtain a copy of an incident report?

Complete a Lincoln Fire Department Report Request Form; and submit it to the Lincoln Fire Department administrative offices at Station #34.  Which is located at 126 Joiner Pkwy, Lincoln, CA 95648.

Can I get assistance properly installing a car seat?

The Lincoln Fire Department does not do car seat checks but there are some local options. Preview these Car Seat Installation Resources for the most convenient location.

What is Lincoln's ISO fire protection classification/rating?

Every fire service provider in the United States receives a protection classification rating from the Insurance Services Offices (ISO). This classification provides a numerical value for the agency's structural fire protection delivery, after considering each agency's dispatch services, water supply, apparatus, equipment, training and incident response. The Lincoln Fire Department was most recently evaluated in June 2020, and improved its protection class rating to a 04/4X.