How can this help?

By protecting your investment. Do you know your cell phone serial number or vehicle license plate number in the event either had been stolen? Typically not.

Lincoln PD has partnered with Bike Index, a non-profit organization, who will store your bicycle's data and specifications. The service is free of charge and there is no need to make an account or sign up. You simply enter your bicycle data, step by step. Including a photo of your bicycle is optional, but highly recommended in case a serial number is ground off or altered. Your contact information can also be stored for Police Department or public contact. Registering your bicycle allows us to work together in recovering your property, in the event a bicycle is recovered, suspected as stolen, found, lost, and even if you are not yet aware. (Parents, great way to track down those bikes)

If you opt to create a full Bike Index account, you can enter multiple bicycles within your profile, mark them stolen, transfer ownership, and share links to social media in the unfortunate event a theft occurred.

This is a tool for the community.

-Lincoln Police Department

Scan QR Code or Complete Form Below 

Once Scanned

You will be prompted to register your bicycle or you can choose to register a stolen bicycle. Once the data is entered, you should receive an email confirmation from Bike Index. From the email confirmation, you can choose to create a full account if needed and register more bicycles under your account profile.