The Citizens On Patrol (COPs) organization consists of volunteers who contribute their time and talents to support the Lincoln Police Department and the well being of our community. Volunteers support and supplement Police Department services, in non-hazardous duties, to free up police officers and staff to perform other duties and tasks critical for public safety.


COPs are specifically charged to function as additional eyes and ears for public safety, serve as goodwill ambassadors for the Police Department and the City, and support the operations and administration functions of the Police Department.

Hours Served and Cost Savings

During 2016, our volunteers contributed over 10,000 hours serving the Police Department and community. Their contributions equate to almost $300,000 in work.

Our Team

Citizens volunteer for COPs because they want to do something meaningful with their lives, are appreciated and respected by the adults and children of the community, as well as by the police officers and Fire Department personnel. They are part of a great team and solve interesting problems while helping others.

In December 31, 2006 the organization consisted of 50 volunteers including a new group of 15 being trained for duties. COPs are trained in techniques such as fingerprinting, personal safety, citizen customer service, CPR and first aid, radio operations, dealing with difficult people, observation and awareness skills, computers, directing traffic, home and building theft security reviews, emergency preparedness and many other skills.

The COPs bring a vast array of life experiences and professional occupational backgrounds to bear in performing their duties. Backgrounds include business owners, college professors, school teachers, school principals and administrators, military, public service, transportation, police, finance, operations, business, marketing, aerospace, engineering, justice system, medical, computer science, building code enforcement, banking, customer service, office operations and investigations.

Become a Volunteer

Call COPs for more information on becoming a volunteer.