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If you have questions about obtaining or renewing your business license, please call (916) 295-6174.

Renewal Notice: Renewal letters will be emailed or sent out.  You will need your account number and pin number from this letter in order to renew for Year 2024.  Please email or call number below if you have not received your letter.  Thank you for your patience.   

Thank you for your interest in doing business in the City of Lincoln. The following will need a license if planning on conducting business in Lincoln:

  • Individuals (residential or commercial)
  • partnerships
  • corporations
  • sole proprietors


The City of Lincoln has an online system for obtaining and renewing a business license.  Please note that certain business types may require the applicant to complete an additional permit application/form prior to receiving an approved license.  The following forms will need to be approved first and then uploaded along with the on-line application submittal.  

You can mail your application and payment to:
City of Lincoln
600 6th Street
Lincoln, CA  95648

Home Based Occupation Form

For In City Residential - Home Based Occupation Form - Fill out this form if you are applying for an In-Home based business license located within the city limits of Lincoln.  Non Refundable fee is $124.00


L.M.C. § 18.62 is a citation to section 18.62 of the Lincoln Municipal Code.


If you have any questions regarding this applications, please email the Planning Department at  

Vending Permit Application Form

For Street Vendors- Vending Permit Application Form - Fill out this form if you are applying for a street vendor business license located within the city limits of Lincoln. Non Refundable fee is $169.00 

Ordinance 997b.   L.M.C. § 5.24 of the Lincoln Municipal Code.


If you have any questions regarding this applications, please email the Code Enforcement Department at

Taxi Cab Permit Application Form

Taxicab Drivers operating a taxicab on the streets of the City of Lincoln for the purpose of providing transportation services will require a Taxicab Driver Permit.


For In City Business - Taxi Cab Permit Application Form - Fill out this form if you are applying for an In-City business license located within the city limits of Lincoln.  Non Refundable fee is $200.00


L.M.C. § 10.66 of the Lincoln Municipal Code


If you have any questions regarding this application, please email the Police Department at  

Business license fees are nonrefundable. You will need to display your certificate at your place of business at all times. This certificate does not:

  • state clearance for zoning
  • state clearance for fire code
  • state maximum occupancy
  • replace any other city, county, state or federal permit or license which you may need for your type of business.


If you have questions regarding business licenses, you can email Business Licenses.  



California Legislative Information

AB 783 (Ting) Single-User Restrooms


Governor Newsom signed AB 783 (Ting) Single-User Restrooms into law. This legislation goes into effect on 1/1/2024. The legislation requires all local governments that issue new or renew business licenses, equivalent instruments, or permits to provide written notice that single-user toilet facilities must be identified as all-gender toilet facilities. We anticipate the State might add future legislation as required communications to the business license process.


Click on this link for website information. 


SB 748 Disability Access and Information


Effective 1/1/2024.  This bill requires a city, county, or city and county, in a separate document formatted as specified, to provide to that applicant a statement that the business may be subject to liability for failure to meet the legal obligation to comply with state and federal disability access laws, and information on how to obtain a CASp inspection, as specified.


Click on this link for website information.  Please read Mandatory ADA Disclosure.


SB 1186 License Fee and Use for Construction-Related Accessibility


City and county offices (local jurisdictions) collect a fee from applicants. The Senate Bill (SB) 1186 fee is applied to the sale of business licenses and renewals. The local jurisdictions retain the majority of the funds for use within their jurisdiction and share a portion with DSA for program oversight.


The purpose of the fee is to increase disability access and compliance with construction-related accessibility requirements at businesses and facilities that are open to the public. The fee assists local jurisdictions and provides both the local jurisdiction and DSA with funds for activities that promote compliance with construction-related accessibility standards including providing financial assistance to small business for construction of construction of physical accessibility improvements.


Click on this link for website information.