Apply for a business license using our new portal!

If you have questions about obtaining or renewing your business license, please call (916) 295-6174.

Renewal Notice: Renewal letters have been emailed or sent out.  You will need your account number and pin number from this letter in order to renew for Year 2023.  Please email or call number below if you have not received your letter.  Thank you for your patience.   

Thank you for your interest in doing business in the City of Lincoln. The following will need a license if planning on conducting business in Lincoln:

  • Individuals (residential or commercial)
  • partnerships
  • corporations
  • sole proprietors


The City of Lincoln has an online system for obtaining and renewing a business license. Please note that clicking the link will take you to another website. 

The following forms will need to be uploaded along with the on-line application submittal:

For Residential - Home Based Occupation Form - Fill out this form if you are applying for an In-Home Based business license located within the city limits of Lincoln.  L.M.C. § 18.62 is a citation to section 18.62 of the Lincoln Municipal Code.

For Commercial - Emergency Contact Form - Fill out this form if you are applying for a commercial business license located within the city limits of Lincoln.  

Alternatively, you may print out the form, along with the business license application, and mail it with your check to: 

HDL / City of Lincoln Business License 
8839 N Cedar Avenue # 212
Fresno CA 93720


Business license fees are nonrefundable. You will need to display your certificate at your place of business at all times. This certificate does not:

  • state clearance for zoning
  • state clearance for fire code
  • state maximum occupancy
  • replace any other city, county, state or federal permit or license which you may need for your type of business.


If you have questions regarding business licenses, you can email Business Licenses.