Flow chart showing the General Plan guides Specific Plan/Community Plan and Zoning Code. Specific Plan/Community Plan guides the Zoning Code and Land Use Diagram. Zoning Code guides Zoning.

The General Plan serves as a long-term policy guide for physical, economic, and environmental growth. It provides for the community's vision of the City's ultimate growth. The General Plan designates land use categories for the City. It also includes information on:

  • General Uses
  • Development
  • Intensity
  • Siting and Compatibility Standards

State law requires that every county and city prepare and adopt a long-range plan to serve as a guide for the development of the community. State Law only allows amendments to a General Plan four times per calendar year. Although there are limits on the number of times the General Plan can be amended, multiple amendments can be included in one meeting.

The General Plan 2050 was adopted by the City Council on March 25, 2008. City actions related to the following must be consistent with the General Plan:

  • Land Use Allocations
  • Annexations
  • Zoning
  • Subdivision and Design Review
  • Redevelopment
  • Capital Improvements

General Plan 2050 and Related Documents

The documents on this page may be very large files. Should you have problems viewing, please try downloading the complete file to your computer before opening.

General Plan 2050

City of Lincoln 2050 General Plan

2050 General Plan Appendix A – Economic & Fiscal Analysis& Appendix B – Parks Requirements
Technical Appendices
Appendix A-Housing Element
Appendix B-NOP Initial Study
Appendix C-Fiscal Benchmark
Appendix D-Fiscal Analysis Alternatives
Appendix E-Transportation Background
Appendix F-Water System
Appendix G-Sewer System
Appendix H-Drainage
Appendix I-Air Quality
2050 General Plan Background Report
2050 General Plan Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR)
2050 General Plan Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR)
2050 General Plan Recirculated Draft Environmental Impact Report (Recirculated DEIR)
2050 General Plan Acknowledgements
2050 General Plan Land Use & Circulation Map 

General Plan Housing Element

The City of Lincoln General Plan includes a Housing Element that describes and analyzes the housing needs of Lincoln residents. It also address the issues confronted by the City. This Housing Element outlines the City's response to the community's housing needs in relation to availability, adequacy, and affordability.

Housing Element 2013-2021

Annual Progress Report

2016 Annual Progress Report
2017 Annual Progress Report
2018 Annual Progress Report
2019 Annual Progress Report
2020 Annual Progress Report

2021 Annual Progress Report

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