Summer Reading 2024 begins June 1, with pre-registration starting May 15!  Check back for more information on our Summer Reading Program and related events. 

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How Summer Reading Works 
 Taking part in our Summer Reading Challenge is easy - just follow these steps!
 Join the Challenge

 Head to Beanstack, our online reading challenge community.

  • Completed a reading challenge with us before? Just log in with your account and sign up each reader for Summer Reading once registration is open. 
  • New to Beanstack? Register with an e-mail. You can add all the readers in your family to one account. 
 Earn Points

You earn points by logging your reading and completing activities on Beanstack. You can earn points between June 1 and July 31. 

  • You'll earn 5 points for every 30 minutes you read. Reading to others or being read to counts! 
  • You can earn up to 12 activity badges, which give you the chance to earn more points by completing fun tasks and challenges. 
 Get Books

 Once you reach certain points, you'll earn a book that is yours to keep! We'll e-mail you when you've earned a reward, so keep an eye on your inbox. 

The last day to collect rewards is August 17.



Summer Reading Events

See all of our events and programs on our calendar.

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Frequently Asked Questions

 When is Summer Reading?

 Summer Reading runs from June 1 through July 31. During this time, you can log your reading, complete activities, and earn points. You can pre-register for the program beginning May 15. The last day to pick up rewards is August 17. 
 How many books can I earn over the summer? 
 Children can earn up to six books, while teens can earn 4, and adults can earn up to 3. Readers will have the option to choose books from a variety of titles provided by the Friends of the Lincoln Public Library
 How to I record my reading?
 All reading is logged online, through our Beanstack site. Log in and use the names in the upper right to select the correct reader. Then click "Log Reading and Activities" next to our logo in the upper left. 
 Why should I or my child take part?

 The benefits of reading regularly are many. Summer break from school can be a major disruption in the routines of many families, which can it harder to find time to read. Our Summer Reading Challenge helps make it easier to keep reading over the summer month. 

  • Ages 0-5: Regularly reading with infants and toddlers is a key part of preparing them for school. Books contain words we don’t use often in conversation, building key language skills at this age.
  • Ages 5 -18: Students who don’t read over the summer break can lose up to 20% of the math and reading skills they gained over the previous school year. Reading and learning activities prevent this loss, leading to better academic outcomes through their school career.
  • All ages: Reading for fun decreases stress, improves mental health, and increases empathy. Not bad for picking up a book! 

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