The City of Lincoln has a variety of trails and open spaces for our community to enjoy.

Bicycle Network

View the Bicycle Network page to view the bikeway map and more information on bicycle improvements in the City of Lincoln.

Open Spaces

View the City's Open Space Map.

Brookview Estates

  • 14 acres
  • Located south of Nicholas Road and immediately west of Joiner Parkway

Foskett Ranch

  • 118 acres
  • Includes three lots located north of Nicholas Road and southwest of Highway 65

Joiner Park

  • 2 acres
  • Located to the northwest of the City of Lincoln city center. It is bounded on the north by Nicolaus Road, on the east by "R" Street, on the south by residential development, and on the west by undeveloped land.

Lincoln Crossing

  • 207 acres
  • Located within the 1,070-acre Lincoln Crossing Development which is west of Highway 65 and south of Auburn Ravine
  • Includes three open space corridors that run through Lincoln Crossing development: along South Ingram Slough, North Ingram Slough, and Auburn Ravine.

Markham Ravine

  • 67 acres
  • Located two miles west of Highway 65 and downtown Lincoln, north of Nicolaus Road and directly east of the Lincoln Airport
  • Includes an open space corridor along Markham Ravine divided into three lots by residential roads.

McBean Park

  • 61 acres
  • Located along Auburn Ravine and is bordered to the northwest by Auburn Ravine, to the southeast of Ferrari Road, to the west by Highway 65, and to the north by Highway 193.

Rodeo Ground

  • 145 acres
  • Bordered to the north by Sterling Parkway, to the east by East Lincoln Parkway, to the west by Highway 65, and to the south by annual grassland.

Sterling Point

  • 11 acres
  • Located approximately 0.5 miles south of downtown City of Lincoln, directly adjacent and east of State Highway 65.

Three D South

  • 10 acres
  • Located just east of Moore Road and south of Delouch Drive.

Twelve Bridges

  • 1136 acres total. Twelve Bridges: 813 acres and Verdera: 300 acres
  • Bounded on the west side by Highway 65, on the north side by residential homes and Rodeo Grounds preserve, and on the south and east sides by residential homes and undeveloped areas.
  • Some Verdera Open Space areas maintained by the Verdera Community Association, contact 916-253-9205

Sorrento 150 - Future Open Space

  • 19 acres
  • Located within the southwestern portion of the City of Lincoln.
  • City has not taken over the maintenance at this time.

Sun City Lincoln Hills Open Spaces – Not City Open Space

The open space areas located in Sun City Lincoln Hills are the responsibility of the Sun City Lincoln Hills Community Association, contact Chris O'Keefe, Facilities and Maintenance 916-645-4500.

Goat Grazing

Learn more about goat grazing and how it protects our open spaces.