Project Area

The Bella Breeze Park will be located within the Twelve Bridges community, bordered by Bella Breeze Drive, Cabra Street, and a nature preserve.

park area map showing location of future bella breeze park

Community Outreach Survey #2

Community Outreach Survey #2 is now closed. Thank you for your participation! Survey #2 results have been compiled and can be viewed. Concept D has been chosen as the favorite.

Bella Breeze Park Concept D

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Next Steps

The final park master plan will be refined based on the Community Outreach Survey #2 results and presented to the Park & Recreation Committee on March 6, 2024. If you would like to attend, you can add the event to your calendar. Presentation can be viewed online.


Thank you for your continued interest in the Bella Breeze Park Master Plan. The following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) has been compiled based on the feedback to date.  

Park Phasing
  • How much of the master plan will be built in the first phase? It is currently anticipated that phase one will include approximately $5M in improvements.
  • How many phases will it take to build out the master plan? It is anticipated that three or more additional phases may be required to build out the master plan.
  • What will be built in phase 1? A variety of factors will be taken into account and will be presented at the Park & Recreation Committee (P&RC) meeting in March 2024. 
  • How long will it take to build out the master plan? 5-20 years.
  • How much parking will be accommodated on-site vs offsite (on-street)? The plans vary intentionally to gauge community preference. Concepts A and D provide more parking on site, and concepts B and C carry fewer. Parking demand is tied to the programming of the athletic fields. The City programs the fields and will attempt to balance the programming of the fields with the available parking of the selected option.
  • Does this project include improvements to the offsite roadways (traffic control, speed reduction, red curbs, parking restrictions)? The project will include recommendations for pedestrian safety improvements such as crosswalks. Additional offsite improvements are not included as part of the project.
  • Which park elements are proposed to be lighted and how will they be controlled? As noted on the concept plans (‘Note 1’ on the lower right corner of the plans), lighting is planned for the fields, walkways, and parking lot/s. Lighting is not currently included for the pickleball or basketball courts. Lighting would be controlled via timers and park programming.
  • Will there be security cameras and emergency call boxes? Yes, these features are currently included in all concepts.
Athletic Fields
  • Can the ball field orientation be improved to a more optimal field orientation? This can be assessed/addressed once a final concept and amenity program is established. There are limitations given the overall park design and grading. Additional features such as a batter’s eye can also be considered where orientation adjustments are not possible.
  • What is the size of the multi-sport covered field? The concept plans currently show a building size of approximately 120’x200’.
  • Will the soccer field be artificial turf for year-round play? The current plans show natural grass. Artificial turf carries a substantially high initial cost, however, additional feedback on this topic is welcome. Artificial turf may be considered pending review of community preferences and budgetary/phasing considerations.
Park Amenities
  • How were the amenities in the park concepts selected? Community Survey #1 priorities and write-ins, recreational use/programming/deficiency feedback from the City, and evaluations of appropriate programmatic adjacencies were used to develop the program of amenities. The program and layout are intentionally varied between plans to help gain additional feedback from the community on amenity quantities, preferences, and park layout.
  • How will the noise associated with Pickleball be addressed? Noise levels will be managed below the required code thresholds and additional sound mitigation (e.g. acoustic panels) may be considered/required depending on which location is ultimately selected.
  • Why are there dog parks in all concepts? Dog parks were one of the top amenities in the community survey and the area is underserved. These amenities can also help activate the backside of site along the open space by increasing the frequency of the use on the perimeter trail. All City dog lease rules apply, and doggie bag stations and bins would be included throughout park.
  • Is a stormwater basin required in all the plans? Yes, regulations and permitting require that we treat the on-site stormwater prior to release off-site.
  • Why don’t the plans include a splash pad? The maintenance costs of a splash pad are cost prohibitive to the City; also, it was a less desired amenity based on the community survey feedback.
  • Can the concept plans include combination/overlay of tennis/pickleball rather than just pickleball? The first survey indicated a higher demand for pickleball. The second survey confirmed pickleball continues to be in high demand. 
  • Will there be exercise stations? The four initial master plans focused on locating and labeling major/priority amenities. Lower-priority and/or minor low-cost amenities, such as fitness stations, can be included in the final master plan if additional community feedback indicates a desire for such facilities.
  • Will playgrounds be accessible/inclusive? All playground equipment will meet required accessibility codes, and additional feedback on the extent of inclusive elements in the playground and throughout the park is welcome. The extent of these elements will be considered pending review of community preferences and recommendations will be made in the final master plan.
  • Will there be benches and seating along the trails? Yes, benches, trash receptacles, and other seating elements will be incorporated throughout the park even though their specific locations are not shown on these initial concepts.
  • Can the play areas have rubberized play surfacing instead of bark? Currently the plans are showing bark which is preferred by the City. Rubberized surfacing has higher capital costs, frequency of vandalism (cutting and burning), and replacement/repair costs.

Previous Outreach Resources

Community Outreach Survey #1
The Community Outreach Survey is now closed. Thank you for your participation! The results have been compiled and can be viewed.
Workshop #1 - Virtual
A virtual workshop on Zoom was held on October 17th. Thank you for joining us! If you missed it, you can view the recording or download the PowerPoint presented during the workshop. 
Park and Recreation Committee Documents

December 6, 2023 meeting

Workshop #2 - In-Person 

An in-person workshop was held on December 11th. Thank you for joining us! If you missed it, you can view the PowerPoint presented during the workshop. 
Community Outreach Survey #2
Community Outreach Survey #2 is now closed. Thank you for your participation!  The results have been compiled and can be viewed.


Master Planning

A design consultant has been selected to develop a park master plan for the Bella Breeze Park. Development of a park master plan will provide recommendations for the park, including appropriate and inappropriate uses, amenities, infrastructure, and implementation strategy.

Field Work

As part of the park master planning process, you may see field work throughout Fall 2023, with additional work next Spring. The purpose is to collect information about existing conditions of the project site. You can expect to see professionals on site wearing safety vests and gear as needed. They will be using equipment to perform these duties and collecting information necessary to design the park.

Field work will include:

  • Design/engineering professionals photographing existing conditions on/around the site for design layout and context purposes.
  • Biological resource professionals observing and documenting biological resources that may be on/adjacent the project site.
  • Cultural resource professionals observing and documenting cultural resources that may be on/adjacent the project site.
  • USA/Utility marking professionals locating existing utilities for survey purposes.
  • Survey professionals collecting geospatial information about the site’s topography, adjacent roadways/ramps, sidewalks, lighting, fences and existing utilities for base mapping purposes.
  • Geotechnical engineering professionals investigating subsurface conditions to provide evaluation/recommendations for structure foundation design, pavement design and soil fertility.

Time Frame

The master planning process is anticipated to continue through May 2024.