Code Enforcement

The City of Lincoln's Code Enforcement Division promotes health and safety for the residents of Lincoln. We maintain the quality of our community through partnerships, education, and enforcement. We work with residents, neighborhood associations, public service agencies, and city departments. Code Enforcement staff apply the Lincoln Municipal Code (LMC) to address nuisances.

Code Enforcement is defined by Penal Code section 829.5 as someone employed by a governmental agency:

  • Who enforces health, safety, and welfare requirements
  • Whose duties include enforcement of any statute, rule, regulation, or standard

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Your identity is kept anonymous through the investigation. We do need your contact information in case we need further information.

Common LMC violations

Common code violations and their Lincoln Municipal Code references.
Description of ViolationRelated Lincoln Municipal Code

Property maintenance

LMC Chapter 8.08

Inoperable and abandoned vehicles NOT on the roadway

LMC Chapter 10.72

Improperly stored RVs, boats, and trailers NOT on the roadway

LMC 18.36.030

Signs (view our quick fact sheet on signs)

LMC Title 16

Accessory buildings

LMC 18.36.050 

Second dwelling units

LMC Chapter 18.37

Home occupations

LMC Chapter 18.62


LMC Title 6 

Limits of Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement is limited to enforcement of Lincoln Municipal Code Violations only. Please contact the Lincoln Police Department at (916) 645-4040 for all non-Lincoln Municipal Code issues, including the following:

  • Emergency situations that threaten human life or property or need immediate attention. Call 911 in an emergency.
  • Criminal issues.
  • Disputes between neighbors.
  • Abandoned vehicles, trailers, boats, or RV's parked ON the street. (Code enforcement handles improper storage of vehicles on private property, like driveway or yard.)
  • Parking issues.
  • Situations which are not specifically addressed in the Lincoln Municipal Code.

Important documents

Educational Material

Formal definitions

Definition of a Code Enforcement Officer

A code enforcement officer is defined by Penal Code section 829.5 as “any person…who is employed by any governmental subdivision, public or quasi-public corporation, public agency, public service corporation, any town, city, county, or municipal corporation, whether incorporated or chartered, who has enforcement authority for health, safety, and welfare requirements, whose duties include enforcement of any statute, rule, regulation, or standard, and who is authorized to issue citations, or file formal complaints.”


Health & Safety Code 26206, et seq. sets forth the standards required and expected of a Code Enforcement Officer certified by the California Association of Code Enforcement Officers (CACEO).


  • Nuisance abatement
  • Solid waste, debris, rubbish, and receptacles
  • Property maintenance and substandard housing
  • Inoperative vehicles
  • Illegal discharges
  • Noise
  • Land use issues
  • Residential zoning compliance
  • Commercial zoning compliance
  • Small farm animals such as chickens, roosters and rabbits
  • Illegally parked boats, trailers and RVs