Here are some simple steps for checking your water meter to manage your water consumption or to find water leaks.


 Where is my water meter?
 It is probably in your front yard, in the grass, near the street. It could also be in the back yard or side yard. Look for a rectangular grey or black lid on the ground with the word "water.” Remove the lid to expose the meter, which is about 12 inches down into the ground.
What does my water meter look like?

The City uses several meters. Yours probably looks similar one of these. Lift the hinged meter lid if the face of the gauge is not showing.


water meters

What do the numbers mean?

On the analog meters, the numbers measure water consumption in gallons, and the small red circle with the pointer measures small flows. On the digital meters, water consumption is also measured in gallons, and a plus sign indicates that water is flowing through the system. If you have a leak, your meter will show water being consumed even if you have turned everything off. For analog meters, the red pointer will spin. For digital meters, the digital count will increase.

What am I billed for?

The 7 digits on the meter look a bit like a car odometer. These digits measure water consumption by the gallon and are read for billing each month. Analog meters read to one decimal point (1/10 gallon), and digital meters read to two decimal points (1/100 gallon.) The meter reading is rounded down to the closest 1,000 gallons each month because water is billed in 1,000 gallon increments. For example, monthly consumption of 4,999 gallons of water would be billed as 4,000 gallons, and the remaining 999 gallons would be included with the following month's consumption totals for billing.

What do I do if there's a leak?

When you notice consumption even though the water indoors and out has been turned off, you have a leak somewhere in your system. The leak may be indoors, such as a leaky toilet or faucet, or it could be outdoors, such as a broken irrigation valve or sprinkler head. Leaks on the customer's side of the line (where consumption is showing) are the residents' responsibility to fix. It's best to call a plumber to troubleshoot and fix the leak. If you have evidence of a leak, such as water near the meter, but your meter is not showing consumption, then it may be a problem with the City's equipment. In this case, call Public Works at (916) 434-2450.

Who do I call if I suspect an error in my bill?

If you suspect an error in your bill, call Utility Billing at (916) 434-2430.