What to do if your sewer backs up

First, check your sewer clean-out at the property line.

If water is standing in, or overflowing from the sewer clean-out, please call the Public Works Department at (916) 434-2450

If a sewer backup occurs after hours or on a weekend or holiday, please call the Lincoln Police Department at (916) 645-4040 and explain the problem to the dispatcher. They will dispatch on-call personnel.

If the sewer is overflowing, please make every effort to stop all water use and block discharge from running off your property or into a nearby storm drain.

If the sewer clean-out at the property line is not backing up, the blockage is in your private sewer line and you must contact a plumber.

If in doubt, you may run some water from the house while observing the clean-out.

For more information, please call Public Works at (916) 434-2450 or e-mail them at publicservices@lincolnca.gov.