The City Attorney's Office provides a wide range of legal services for the City Council, City boards and commissions, and operating departments. We contribute to the effective administration of the City through the following activities.

Primary activities

Representing the City of Lincoln

The City Attorney's office represents the City's interest in all areas of civil litigation, including:

  • Providing advice on how to avoid litigation
  • Prosecuting civil actions on behalf of the City
  • Defending selected civil actions brought against the City
  • Coordinating and monitoring the defense of civil litigation filed against the City
  • Representing the City in discovery matters initiated by third parties

Municipal Code and Code Enforcement

The City Attorney's office supports the City's Municipal Code by:

  • Assisting in Municipal Code updates
  • Supervising the City's administrative Code Enforcement program
  • Coordinating efforts across City Departments to ensure code compliance
  • Provide investigative and enforcement services for zoning and building complaints.
  • Prosecuting criminal and civil violations of the City's Municipal Code

The City Attorney's Office investigates and responds to nuisance properties. This reduces health and safety violations, protects property values, and improves living conditions for tenants and neighbors.

Homelessness response

The City Attorney's Office coordinates the City's Homeless Task Force. This group identifies and develops strategies to address homelessness by collaborating with:

  • Business and property owners
  • Members of the community
  • Non-profit organizations
  • City and County law enforcement
  • Other City departments and staff

Legal advice and guidance for the City of Lincoln

The City Attorney's Office provides day-to-day legal advice to:

  • The Lincoln City Council
  • City of Lincoln commissions and boards
  • Employees of all City departments

Our office also prepares and reviews the following documents to support the operations of the City:

  • Ordinances
  • Resolutions
  • Policies and Procedures
  • State and Federal Statutes and Regulations
  • Contracts
  • Legal opinions and amicus curae
  • Proposed legislation

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the City Attorney represent me or provide me with legal advice?

No. The City Attorney's Office cannot represent you in your private legal matters, such as:

  • Divorce
  • Child support
  • Drafting estate planning documents,
  • Representing you in personal injury or civil matters.

Because of the nature of the City Attorney's role, she cannot represent or provide legal advice to private citizens, groups, or other entities.

Where can I find legal services, support, and referrals?

There are several places that provide legal services and information to the community. A few of these resources include:

What is the difference between the City Attorney's role and the District Attorney's role?

The City Attorney's Office processes infractions or misdemeanor violations of the Lincoln Municipal Code. The police department while also authorized to enforce the municipal code, also handles all other violations of state law, such as the Penal or Vehicle Codes. The police department refers these violations to the Placer County District Attorney's Office for prosecution.