The City Clerk is one of the oldest of government professions and has become the “hub” of government and the direct link between the residents and its government.

Common City Clerk Requests

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City Clerk responsibilities include:

Elections Official

The City Clerk (Election Official) helps candidates before, during, and after an election.

City Council Meetings and Agenda

The City Clerk prepares the agenda, posts legal notices and takes minutes for City Council meetings. The public trusts the City Clerk to record the decisions which are the building blocks of our city.  See the Current Agenda.

Governance and Compliance

The City Clerk is the local Compliance Officer for the Political Reform Act, Brown Act and Public Records Act. The City Clerk is also the filing officer for the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC). The FPPC oversees Conflict of Interest, Campaign Disclosure, and Ethics training requirements.

Administration of Commissions, Boards and Committees

City Council has commissions, boards and committees to advise them on programs and community issues. The City Clerk helps recruit, appoint and onboard commission, board and committee members.

Codify and Maintain the City of Lincoln Municipal Code (LMC)

The City of Lincoln Municipal Code (LMC) is a compilation of the City's Ordinances, which are local laws adopted by the City Council. An Ordinance is the most binding form of action taken by the City Council. The Clerk ensures proper codification of the adopted Ordinances into the Municipal Code.

Custodian of Records

The City Clerk (Records Manager) oversees the preserving and protecting the public record. The City Clerk is required by law to maintain the index of Minutes, Ordinances, and Resolutions adopted by the City Council. The City Clerk also ensures that other municipal records are easy for the public to access, thereby providing fundamental integrity to the structure of our democracy. The City currently follows the Records Retentions Guidelines adopted in 2018.

Bid/Contract Management 

The Clerk is key in the bid process and contract management by receiving, opening and executing bid documents.

City Clerk FAQ's:

Want to volunteer for a City Board/Committee/Commission?

Review our Advisory Handbook and fill out an Online Application if you are interested in serving.

How do I register to vote?

Online voter registration is available through the Secretary of State's Office at .

For additional information on voter registration or to check to see if you are registered go to the Placer County Elections website at

Where can I look at the City Council agenda?

See the Current Agenda.

How to do I get a copy of a City document?

 Complete an online application for a public records request.

Where can I get a passport?

The City of Lincoln does not process passports. You may visit the Placer County Passport website or the City of Roseville's Passport website for nearby passport processing.

Where can I get a copy of a birth, death or marriage certificate/divorce decrees?

Vital records (birth, death, and marriage certificates) are generally held by the county where the event took place. Please visit the Clerk Recorder on the Placer County website or the County that holds the records to assist you with your search for these types of documents.

How do I file a claim with the City?

Go to the Claims, Summons and Subpoenas page for more information or complete the Liability Claim Form.