Claim(s) against the City of Lincoln

Pursuant to California Government Code section 900 et seq., any person may submit a claim against the City of Lincoln for recovery of money or damages allegedly sustained. There are important limitations and exceptions to the submission of such claims, as provided by state and federal law. 

Important Information About Claims

Legal advice regarding claims

 City staff cannot provide legal advice to any person concerning a claim against the City. Any person wishing to submit a claim to the City is encouraged to seek the advice of an attorney of their choosing.

Where to submit claims

The City Clerk of the City of Lincoln is the ONLY office to which claims may be submitted. Claims are NOT to be sent by claimants to the City Attorney or any other City Department. The original and all attachments are to be filed with the Office of the City Clerk. The City's claim form is available from the Office of the City Clerk. All claims are public record.

Review and response

Claims received by the City will be reviewed by City staff, consultants, and legal counsel, all as appropriate considering the claim. A response, if warranted, will be provided to the claimant consistent with California Government Code sections 900 et seq. A response will usually, but not always, be provided within approximately 45 days of the submission of the claim.

How to Submit Claim(s) against the City of Lincoln

A claim form can be obtained in the following ways:

  • Complete the liability form electronically.
  • In person at City Hall, City Clerks Department, 600 Sixth Street, Lincoln, CA .
  • By mail, by contacting the City Clerk at (916) 434-2493 or e-mailing the City Clerk


A summons is a legal notice served by a sheriff, an officer of a court, a licensed process server, or other authorized person. The summons notifies the person named in it that a lawsuit has been filed against the person. The person named must respond to the complaint within a specified period (usually 30 days) or a default judgment can be entered against the person named.

 Summons for City of Lincoln Personnel

The City Clerk is often served with legal notices for other City personnel. If the summons is for an individual person and the City is not also named, the City Clerk will not accept service; however, if the summons is issued to the City with others named related to City business, then the City Clerk may accept service on behalf of the City. Any person attempting to serve a summons on City personnel on behalf of the City should be directed to either the City Clerk or the City Attorney.


A subpoena is an order to appear as a witness and give testimony, in court or at a deposition, or to produce documents in a case in which the witness is usually not a party to the lawsuit. A person who receives a subpoena must obey it under penalty of being held in contempt of court for noncompliance. The subpoena will indicate a date, time and location of personal appearance or the date to produce any documents. 

 Subpoenas for City of Lincoln Personnel

A common type of subpoena received by the City Clerk are those that require the City Clerk or other City “custodian of record” to appear in court or other type of hearing as a witness, or to produce documents in an action pending before the court. Subpoenas should be served on the individual witness or the City Clerk, along with any appropriate witness fee. Pursuant to Government Code section 68096.1(b), any subpoena of a City employee must be accompanied by a $275 deposit check to assist in covering the cost of wages of the employee. It is an advance, as the requester of the deposition or court appearance ultimately must pay the full cost of the employee's time spent during the appearance.