Economic Development Committee


Economic Development Committee

The Economic Development Committee is an advisory body to the City Council. The Committee advises Council on matters related to the attraction and retention of businesses; development and review of plans, programs, and strategies that relate to job creation; property and sales tax generation; and to serve as a source of local input into economic development.

The EDC meets the second Wednesday of each month at 8 a.m. or as needed at City Hall, 600 Sixth Street in downtown Lincoln. All meetings are open to the public.

Committee Members:

Mike Miller, Chairman
Sally Welch, Vice Chairman
Joanne Hilton
Matt Gardner
Cherri Hernandez
David Plaut
Cathi Ruff
Carol Witten
Jerry Harner
Peter Gilbert - Council Appointee
Dan Karleskint - Council Appointee



EDC 04-12-2017 cancelled

EDC 03.08.2017 AGENDA

EDC 02-08-2017 Agenda

EDC 01-11-2017 cancelled

Meeting Notes

EDC Meeting Notes 3-13-17

EDC Meeting Notes 2-08-17

EDC Meeting Notes 12-14-2016