Proposals Due by 5PM February 9, 2023 (postmarks will not be accepted if proposal is not physically received by deadline)

The City Council has allocated $350,000 of the American Recovery Plan Act (ARPA) standard allowance towards the funding of a competitive large non-profit grant program aimed toward mental health providers and services. The City of Lincoln is seeking applications/proposals from qualified firms to provide mental health services to Lincoln residents. Qualified firms are those that provide mental health, substance use treatment, or other behavioral health care services to the general public.

Firms are expected to provide services based on the following priorities as established by the Lincoln City Council:

  • Mental Health in youth populations and other vulnerable populations.
  • Mental Health resources for families.
  • Programs and resources to assist in homelessness response.
  • Creative partnerships with medical and mental health providers to address mental health impacts in the community.

View the RFP for Mental Health Grants