City eBulletin


In 2003, the City of Lincoln began issuing timely City eBulletins which are filled with the latest City news, events and other important information for residents. City eBulletins are published every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

To sign-up for this service, simply click on the sign-up link to the left. Give us your name and e-mail address, and you can then choose to receive all City news, or you can sign up to receive meeting information only, parks and recreation information only, city project and road closure information only, or city celebrations and special events only.

Residents who have utilized this service since its inception in January 2003 have provided very positive feedback on the timeliness and usefulness of the information provided in these eBulletins. Give it a try today! If at any time your e-mail address changes, you can make that change yourself by editing your account information. If you would like to unsubscribe, just click the unsubscribe button which is located at the bottom of each eBulletin that is issued.

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