Love Lincoln Photo Challenge


We want to see the City of Lincoln through your eyes! Each week through mid-July, share with us a photo that matches our weekly theme, and enjoy how other residents see Lincoln. Vote on your favorites, and winning images will be featured on City social media and in City promotional materials!

Each contestant may enter multiple photographs per week; while the photos may be taken at any time, we encourage you to use this as a chance to document this unique moment in our City’s history. Each user may vote for one image per day throughout the week. The image with the most votes at the end of the week will be declared the winner. For photographers under the age of 13, entries must be submitted by a parent or legal guardian. For more information, see the official rules.  

Weekly Schedule - Click on the image to enter or view the gallery. 

Please note that you can only submit photos and vote during the week of each theme. 

Love Lincoln Photo Challenge Week 1 

Week 1: Show us your favorite park or open space in the City. 

Love Lincoln Photo Challenge Week 2 

Week 2: Sunsets make for some of the most beautiful photos - share yours with the community!

Love Lincoln Photo Challenge Week 3 

Week 3: How has your family been spending time together during the stay-at-home order? What fun things do you like to do together?

Love Lincoln Photo Challenge Week 4 

Week 4: Get the camera out and have your furry, feathered, or scaled pets be the model!

Love Lincoln Photo Challenge Week 5 

Week 5: Show your favorite local business some love with this week's challenge. 

Love Lincoln Photo Challenge Week 6 

Week 6: Summer is here! What says summer to you?

Love Lincoln Photo Challenge Week 7

Week 7: What do you love most about Lincoln? Show us your favorite people, places, events - whatever it is that makes you love calling Lincoln home. 

Love Lincoln Photo Challenge Week 8 

Week 8: Coyotes, deer, and hawks are just a few of the wild animals that live around us - have you captured any on film?

Love Lincoln Photo Challenge Week 9 

Week 9: Which of the many historical places and buildings in Lincoln do you love?

Love Lincoln Photo Challenge Week 10 

Weeks 10-11: Share with us how you're celebrating the Fourth of July this year! Whether that's lawn decorations, a barbecue with your household, or something else, we want to see how you celebrate this special holiday.