The Water Department provides potable water service to all residential and commercial customers within the City of Lincoln. The Department is comprised of the following core services:

  • Water distribution
  • Water quality maintenance and testing
  • Water leak/break repair
  • Well Water site maintenance and distribution
  • Partnership with PCWA, NID, and other water distributor/wholesalers
  • Collaboration with the State Water Resources Board and Regional Water
  • Authority on regulations and enforcement
  • Execution of the approved 2010 Urban Water Management Plan

Go here for Water Master Plan. 

Contact Information

Jeff Miller, Utilities Maintenance Services Supervisor
Jeff.Miller@lincolnca.gov or (916) 434-2450

To report water waste and misuse of water, please call the Water Hotline at (916) 434-2455. 

Water Efficiency Legislation FAQ Sheet

Important information about upcoming water legislation

Water Refund Preliminary Settlement

See the water refund fact sheet for information about the settlement in the dispute about the residential water rate structure.

Kitec Plumbing Product Defect Assistance

Important information about Pressure Checks and Kitec Pipes


High-Efficiency Appliance Rebate Applications

     Have you recently purchased a high-efficiency toilet or washing machine? You may be eligible for a refund. Apply with one of the forms below.






For more information or to report an issue, please call Public Services at (916) 434-2450 or e-mail publicservices@lincolnca.gov.