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Stormwater Pollution Prevention Tips



  • Hosing off of hard surfaces is prohibited. Save water and our creeks!
  • Do not pour any chemical into the gutter or into the storm drain.
  • Cars create lots of storm water pollution. When possible, walk or ride your bike instead of riding in the car.
  • If you spill motor oil on the driveway, soak it up with kitty litter, sweep it up and take it to your household hazardous waste center.
  • Visit a different creek every month! Leave the creek and its banks a little cleaner than they were when you came.
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle whenever you can. The animals and plants on the rivers and creeks are counting on you.
  • Buy household and garden products that are "least toxic" to the environment.
  • The UC Master Gardeners will teach you how to garden organically or will help you find substitutes for chemical pesticides. Visit their web site at:
  • Clean your sidewalks and patios with a broom, dustpan and garbage can instead of washing them with the garden hose.  
  • Don't over-water lawns and gardens after applying commercial products. Over-watering can send large amounts of pesticides and fertilizer directly into storm drains.  
  • Instead of using pesticides, encourage "good bugs" to live in your garden. Good bugs, like ladybugs, love to eat "bad bugs" like aphids.
  • The best place to wash your car is at a full or self service car wash, since these facilities treat and discharge their wastewater to the sanitary sewer system, and many use recycled water. If you wash your vehicle at home, wash it over a lawn or gravel area, if feasible. Use biodegradable soaps, and use as little water as possible. Shut off water while washing your car, or use a trigger nozzle to stop the flow. Remember not to leave your car on the lawn.