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Goat-O-Matic 5000


Below are the dates for grazing and fire breaks.

All dates are approximate.


5/13/19 thru 5/23/19
Start FR-, FR-3, MR-4, MR-3, MR-2 and MR-1 finish

5/24/19 thru 6/1/19
Start BE -1 and Costa Ln finish

6/2/19 thru 6/16/19
Start LC-1, LC-8, TS-1, LC-4, LC-10, LC-7, LC-6, LC-9, LC-5, LC-2 and LC-3 finish

6/17/19 thru 6/30/19
Start TB-10, TB-8, TB-9, TB-8, TB-6 finish


 Grazing Map - 2019



Additional Grazing Locations - 2019