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Public Facilities Improvement Standards


The purpose of the Public Facilities Improvement Standards is to provide minimum standards for the construction of improvements, which are to be dedicated to the public, and accepted by the City for maintenance and/or operation. These Public Facilities Improvement Standards may also apply to rights-of-way and easements. This is necessary to provide for coordinated development of required facilities to be used by and for the protection of the health, safety, and welfare of the public.

These Public Facilities Improvement Standards shall apply to, regulate, and guide construction of streets, bikeways, alleys, traffic signals, grading and site access, drainage facilities, sewerage collection and treatment facilities, water distribution and treatment systems, and the related public improvements, and shall set guidelines for all private works which involve drainage, grading, trees and related improvements.

See the link below for a complete copy of the Public Facilities Improvement Standards.

Improvement Standards

Table of Contents

Section 01 - Purpose, Definitions and Abbreviations

Section 02 - Contractor and Developer Responsibilities

Section 03 - Streets and Highways

Section 04 - Domestic Water Supply System

Section 05 - Sanitary Sewer System

Section 06 - Storm Drainage

Section 07 - Grading

Section 08 - Landscaping & Irrigation

Section 09 - Street Lighting, Signals and Electrical Systems

Section 10 - Recycled Water System

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