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Specific Plans & General Development Plans


A Specific Plan is a comprehensive planning and zoning document for a defined geographic region of the City.  It provides for the orderly and systematic development of a defined area by identifying, development policies, plan area setting, elements for specific land uses, circulation, public facilities, utilities, public services, resource management, and implementation.   Below are Specific Plans that have been approved by the City:  

Village 1 Specific Plan

Village 1 Infrastructure & Public Facilities Financing Plan (Vol. 1)

Village 1 Infrastructure & Public Facilities Financing Plan (Vol. 2)

Draft Village 5 Specific Plan

Village 7 Specific Plan

Special Use District B Northeast Quadrant Specific Plan

A General Development Plan is an implementation tool that takes the elements detailed in the Specific Plan and provides for additional detail.  A General Development Plan provides for and establishes the specific details as it pertains to,  land uses, primary circulation corridors, public facilities, development standards, design guidelines, and implementation criteria.  Below are General Development Plans that have been approved by the City: 

Village 1 General Development Plan

Draft Village 5 General Development Plan

Village 7 General Development Plan

Special Use District B Northeast Quadrant General Development Plan