Building Division


The Building Division’s function is to protect life and property through the construction of safe buildings. Through enforcement of the codes, laws, and ordinances adopted by the City of Lincoln, the department’s obligation is to ensure that the design, construction, and use of all buildings and structures adhere to reasonable minimum standards.

The Building Division issues permits for commercial, industrial, and residential projects, performs plan checks and inspections, helps the public and contractors with construction questions, and abates non-conforming and substandard housing.

Before you build or remodel, please consult our Building Division to make sure your project has the proper permits and conforms to applicable codes and zoning ordinances.

The Building Division will try to accommodate all your inspection needs. Permits can usually be issued over the counter for re-roofs, new HVAC units, replacement of water and gas lines, water heaters, and electrical work. Other projects will usually require plan checks that may take 2 to 6 weeks, depending on size and complexity of project. You may schedule an inspection Monday through Friday. Saturday inspections are by special arrangement and you will incur additional cost. Please make sure your project is ready for its inspection before you call it in.


Building Staff Directory

Will Foote, Building Official or (916) 434-2485

Brian Winford, Building Inspector or (916) 434-2470

Jessi Borgman, Building Permit Technician or (916) 434-2475