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Sign Placement Information


Signs placed within the City are regulated by the City of Lincoln Municipal Code's Sign Ordinance and are enforced by Code Enforcement. The Sign Ordinance provides rules and regulations for signs exposed to public view.

The intent is to preserve and improve the appearance of the city by keeping the city beautiful and uncluttered. The ordinance also restricts signs which increase the probability of accidents by distracting attention or obstructing vision.


Where may I view the Sign Ordinance?

You may view the Sign Ordinance in the Lincoln Municipal Code in Chapter 16 Sign Regulations.

Does my sign need a permit from either the Planning Division or the Building Division?

Yes. Permanent signs and temporary signs are required to be permitted by the Planning Division. Please visit the Planning Division's Sign Permit Page for details on how to obtain a permit. Certain signs also require a building permit. Please visit the Building Division's Commercial Sign's Page to determine if your project requires a building permit.

What happens if my sign does not have the proper permit(s) or is not in conformance with the Sign Ordinance?

Signs displayed without proper permits or that do not conform to the Sign Ordinance are not allowed. If you are found to have a sign that is not in conformance, you will be required to obtain the necessary permit(s) and bring your sign into compliance with the City's ordinance or, if the sign is not allowable, you will be required to remove it.

Does the Code Enforcement Officer remove temporary signs that are not in compliance with the Sign Ordinance?

Yes. Temporary signs can be a hazard when placed within the public right-of-way (street poles, street landscaping, sidewalks, etc.). If you have any questions, please contact Code Enforcement at 916.434.2470.

How do I report an illegal sign?

Call the Code Enforcement at 916-434-2490 to report violations.

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