City Clerk's Office


The City Clerk is one of the oldest of government professions. Over the years, Municipal Clerks have become the “hub” of government and the direct link between the residents and its government. The City of Lincoln has an appointed City Clerk.

The City Clerk’s Office performs a variety of professional and administrative duties in accordance with the Elections Code, Public Records Act, Political Reform Act, Brown Act and the City Municipal Code. The statutes of the State of California prescribe the basic functions and duties of City Clerks in General Law cities. The Government Code provides that a City Clerk shall perform such additional duties as are prescribed by ordinance. With a permanent staff of two, which includes the City Clerk and the Deputy City Clerk, the Department's functions include:

Legislative Process  - recording and certifying all ordinances, deeds, resolutions and dedications, and maintaining the Lincoln Municipal Code - click here to go to the code.

Legislative History - managing the legislative history index of all City Council actions, which includes resolutions, ordinances and minutes, and is the custodian of the City seal - click above to go to City of Lincoln Records Search - Public Documents.

City Council Support - preparing the agendas of the City Council, Lincoln Redevelopment Successor Agency and Public Financing Authority meetings, attending all meetings, creating minutes and providing staff support to the City Council.

Committees, Boards & Commission, Recruitment - administering the opening, notification, application, interviewing and appointment process for Committees, Boards and Commission vacancies. CURRENT OPENINGS GO HERE

Elections - administering municipal elections according to the Elections Code in an impartial manner; issues candidates information booklets, nomination papers, receives candidates’ statements and all paperwork required of a local candidate; processes ballot measures, petitions, arguments, impartial analyses, campaign reporting, legal advertising and certifies election results.

Fair Political Practices Commission Compliance (FPPC) - acting as the filing official per the Political Reform Act for City Council, Boards and Commissions, 87200 filers and designated employees.

Records Management - overseeing 
the City’s records management system (SIRE), including the implementation of a city-wide records retention schedule by managing the preservation, retention and disposition of all official and historical documents. 

Bid/Contract Management - assisting in the administration of the bid process and contract management by receiving, opening and executing bid documents.

Brown Act Meeting Requirements - maintaining compliance of the Brown Act through proper scheduling and notification of meetings.

In addition to providing support services and access to government in an accurate, efficient and timely manner with a focus on customer service; the Clerk’s office is committed to preserving all of the City’s official records, conducting impartial elections, ensuring that City Council meetings take place in an open and public forum. The City Clerk’s Office strives to conduct the business of the City in a professional, honest manner and with integrity. We are committed to continually expanding our knowledge to better support the community we serve.

Contact Information

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City Clerk - Gwen Scanlon
600 Sixth Street
Lincoln, CA 95648
(916) 434-2493
(916) 645-8903 (Fax)

Deputy City Clerk - Dia Gix
600 Sixth Street
Lincoln, CA 95648
(916) 434-2494
(916) 645-8903 (Fax)