City Attorney's Office


The City Attorney's Office provides a wide range of legal services for the City Council, City boards and commissions, and operating departments.

web_CityAttorneyMajor activities include: 

  • providing day-to-day legal advice for City officials and employees;
  • drafting contracts, opinions, resolutions and ordinances;
  • defending the City, its officers and employees in civil litigation; coordinating and monitoring the investigation, settlement, and litigation arising out of personal injury claims;
  • assisting Human Resources in developing policies, procedures and regulations consistent with State and Federal law;
  • handling minor collection cases in the City's behalf; providing staff support to the City's administrative code enforcement program;
  • prosecuting criminal and civil violations of the City's Municipal Code;
  • representing the City in discovery matters initiated by third parties;
  • representing the Successor Agency; negotiating civil settlements, franchises, and agreements on behalf of the City;
  • assisting in Municipal Code updates; performing liaison activities with media and the local bar; providing advice regarding land use, utilities rate formation, and compliance with CEQA and the Subdivision Map Act; and
  • networking with other cities through the League of California Cities.


Contact Information

City Attorney - Kristine L. Mollenkopf
600 Sixth Street
Lincoln, CA 95648
(916) 434-2428
(916) 645-8903 (Fax)