Mayor Stan Nader


Four generations of the Nader family have stepped forward to help their neighbors and provide a legacy of service to Lincoln.

Raised in Lincoln, Stan worked on the family farm and played football at Lincoln High School. After graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Stan returned to Lincoln where he and Mary his wife of 34 years, raised their three children.

In the late 70's Stan followed in his father's and grandfather's footsteps to serve as a School Board member in the Western Placer Unified School District. He was selected by the California Ag Leadership Foundation, an intensive two-year fellowship for select individuals with exceptional professional and personal leadership development experience. Alumni of the program have risen to leadership positions within their enterprises, agricultural and industry organizations, non-profit and community organizations, and local, state and federal government branches, including the California legislature and the United States Congress.

In 1986, Stan was again called to public service, when he was appointed to serve out the term of a City Council member at that time. Stan went on to serve seven more years on the City Council.

In 1996, after building Nader Hay and Feed into a million dollar a year business, he went to work for Nortech Waste, managing the compost operation at the Materials Recovery Facility, which helps Placer County communities meet California's mandated recycling goals.

In 2003, Stan opened Black Earth Compost, which provided high quality landscaping materials vital to hydro-seeding operations for clients such as CalTrans.

Stan serves as a deacon in the church he and his wife attend, Foothill Bible Church, also he is site administrator for the Church’s new building project located in the City of Lincoln.

After taking a break from public service to raise his family and attend to the needs of his business ventures, Stan again ran for public office in 2008 and 2010. Not having a favorable outcome in the former year, but very successful in the latter year receiving top number of votes in that election. Stan has been aggressively challenging his fellow council members and city staff to be more forward thinking in the ways the City does its business.

Stan's Vision for the City and its residents:

1. Vision: A vibrant, sustainable "city of neighbors" that is always looking to the future while honoring its past.

2. Mission: Lincoln is a city where city government, businesses, schools, organizations, and citizens of all races, religions, ethnicity, and cultures work together to ensure that Lincoln can meet the Challenges of the future.

3. Goals:


Fiscal sustainability and planning
Business-friendly economic development

Citizen focused

Stewardship by the City Council
Strong public safety

4. Economic Development

Small business support
Competitive city business fees
Grow Historic Downtown Lincoln
Environmental sustainability

5. Community

Well-Planned Neighborhoods
Neighborhood Associations
Neighborhood Watch
Foster a sense of community

6. Families and Children

Supplement public education with a strong library system
Provide after-school activities and opportunities
Support organization that directly impact the lives of children
Bring businesses, schools, government, and parent together to ensure that the children of our community are ready to face the future

7. Promote volunteerism to help provide what they can not afford to.

Mayor Nader currently sits on a number of local and regional boards and committees including:

Lincoln Airport Committee
Lincoln Loan Committee
City/Chamber Committee
Placer County Air Quality Control District (Chairman)
LAFCO (Local Area Formation Commission)
Placer County Conservation Plan Ad Hoc Committee

As Mayor, Stan also sits on the Borders, City/Chamber of Commerce, Greater Sacramento, City Select and Local Community Benefit Committees.

Go here for additional information regarding the various local and regional committees. 

Email Stan at or call (916) 434-2490.