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Library Advisory Board/Committee


Library Advisory Board/Library Advisory Committee (LAB/LAC)

The Library Advisory Board (LAB) makes recommendations to the City Council concerning library policies and priorities for the operation and administration of the Library.

Upon entering into a Joint Use Agreement with the Western Placer Unified School District and Sierra Community College for construction and operation of the Twelve Bridges Library, the Library Advisory Committee (LAC) was also formed. The LAC consists of all members of the LAB and appointees from Western Placer Unified School District (WPUSD) and Sierra College (SCC) and meets concurrently with the LAB.

The Library Board meets quarterly on the first Wednesday of the month in February, May, August and November at 6 PM at Twelve Bridges Library, 485 Twelve Bridges Drive,or as needed.

City of Lincoln Board Members

Bob Birdseye, LAB Chair

Junhee Choe, LAB
Tim Monelo, LAB
Gloria Pilotti-Irey, LAB
Joanne Schumacher, LAB
Teresa Lai Stanislaw, LAB

Holly Andreatta, Council Appointee
Alyssa Silhi, Council Appointee

WPUSD & SCC Board Members

Jennifer Bowden, WPUSD
Brian Haley, WPUSD
Belinda Silva, WPUSD
Jeff Atkinson, SCC
Deidre Campbell, SCC
Sabrina Pape, SCC
Barbara Vineyard, SCC


Link to Agendas and archives