Regional Boards/Committees


Regional Boards/Committees and Appointee(s)

Greater Sacramento: Website:

Lincoln/Sheridan Rural Municipal Advisory Council (MAC):   Website:

Local Community Benefit Committee: (No Website)

Nevada Irrigation District (NID): Website:

Pioneer Community Energy Board (formerly Sierra Valley Energy JPA) Website:

Placer County Air Pollution Control District: Website:

Placer County Economic Development Committee: Website:

Placer County Flood Control/Water Conservation District: Website:

Placer County Local Area Formation Commission (LAFCO): Website:

Placer County Transportation Planning Agency: Website:

Placer Mosquito & Vector Control Board: Website:

Placer County Water Agency (PCWA): Website:

Regional Water Authority (RWA): Website:

Sacramento Groundwater Authority (SGA): Website:

Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG): Website:

South Placer Regional Transportation Authority (SPRTA): Website:

Western Placer Waste Management Authority (WPWMA): Website:

WPUSD/City Collaborative Planning Committee: (no website)



Pioneer Energy Board

Pioneer Board Agenda 1/7/2019

Pioneer Board Agenda 2/4/2019

Pioneer Board Agenda 3/4/2019

Pioneer Board Agenda 4/1/2019

Pioneer Board Agenda 5/6/2019

Pioneer Board Agenda 06/03/2019

Pioneer Board Agenda 7/1/2019

Pioneer Board Agenda 8/5/2019

Pioneer Board Agenda 8/16/2019

Pioneer Board Agenda 9/9/2019

Nevada Irrigation District (NID)

NID Board Agenda 01/23/2019

NID Agenda 02/13/2019

NID Agenda 7/10/2019

NID Agenda 9/3/2019

Placer County Air Pollution Control District (PCAPCD)

PCAPCD Agenda 02/14/2019

PCAPCD Agenda 04/11/2019

PCAPCD Agenda 8/8/2019

Placer County Economic Development Committee (Pl Co EDC)

PCEDC Agenda 1/16/2019

Placer County Flood Control and Water Conservation District (PCFCWCD)

PCFCWCD Cancellation 1/14/2019

PCFCWCD Cancellation 2/11/2019

PCFCWCD Agenda 5/13/2019

PCFCWCD Agenda 06 10 2019

PCFCWCD Agenda 8/12/2019

Placer Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO)

LAFCO 3/13/2019

LAFCO 5/8/2019

LAFCO 7/10/2019

LAFCO 8/14/2019

Placer County Transportation Planning Agency (PCTPA) and South Placer Regional Transportation Planning Agency (SPRTA) ​

PCTPA Agenda 1/23/2019

PCTPA Agenda 2/27/2019

PCTPA Agenda 4/24/2019

SPRTA Agenda 4/24/2019

PCTPA Agenda 5/22/2019

SPRTA Agenda 5/22/2019

PCTPA Agenda 06 26 2019

PCTPA Agenda 8/28/2019

Placer Mosquito & Vector Control Board

PMVCD Agenda 1/14/2019

PMVCD Agenda 2/11/2019

PMVCD Agenda 4/15/19

PMVCD Agenda 6/17/2019

PMVCD Agenda 7/15/2019

PMVCD Agenda 8/19/2019

Placer County Water Agency (PCWA)

PCWA Agenda 1/3/2019

PCWA Agenda 1/17/2019

PCWA Agenda 2/7/2019

PCWA Agenda 2/21/2019

PCWA Agenda 3/7/2019

PCWA Agenda 4/4/2019

PCWA Agenda 4/18/2019

PCWA Agenda 5/2/2019

PCWA Agenda 5/16/2019

PCWA Agenda 06/06/2019

PCWA Agenda 06/20/2019

PCWA Agenda 7/8/2019

PCWA  Agenda 8/1/2019

PCWA Agenda 8/15/2019

PCWA Agenda 9/5/2019

PCWA Agenda 9/11/2019

Regional Water Authority (RWA) and Sacramento Groundwater Authority (SGA)

RWA Agenda 1/10/2019

SGA Agenda 2/14/2019

RWA Agenda 3/14/2019

RWA Agenda 5/2/2019

Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG)

SACOG Agenda 1/17/2019

SACOG Agenda 4/18/2019

SACOG Agenda 5/16/2019

SACOG Agenda 6/20/2019

SACOG Agenda 8/15/2019

Western Placer Waste Management Authority (WPWMA)

WPWMA Cancellation 1/10/2019

WPWMA Agenda 02/14/2019

WPWMA Agenda 3/14/2019

WPWMA Cancelled 4/11/19

WPWMA Agenda 5/26/2019

WPWMA Cancellation 6/13/2019

WPWMA Agenda 7/11/2019

WPWMA Agenda 8/8/2019