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Boards, Commissions & Ad Hoc Committees


The City Clerk's Office administers the opening, notification, application, interviewing and appointment process for vacancies on the City's various Board, Commissions and Ad Hoc Committees. For additional information please consult our Advisory Handbook here.

City Committees Council Appointee(s) 
Airport Committee: Joiner, Karleskint 
Lincoln Area Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Lincoln Association and City: Silhi, Andreatta
Lincoln Economic Development Committee: Joiner, Lauritsen
Library Advisory Board: Silhi, Andreatta
Loan Committee: Karleskint
City of Lincoln Parks and Recreation: Andreatta, Lauritsen
Western Placer Unified School District (WPUSD)/City: Andreatta, Karleskint

Regional Boards/Committees Council Appointee(s)
Placer County Air Pollution Control District: Silhi, Joiner (Alternate)
Borders Committee: Silhi, Andreatta (Alternate)
Placer County Economic Development Committee: Lauritsen, Joiner (Alternate)
Placer County Flood Control/Water Conservation District: Andreatta, Lauritsen (Alternate)
Placer County Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO: Karleskint
Lincoln Rural Municipal Advisory Council (MAC): Andreatta
Placer County Transportation Planning Agency/South Placer Regional Transportation Authority: Joiner, Silhi (Alternate)
Pioneer Community Energy Board: Karleskint, Lauritsen (Alternate)
Placer Conservation Authority: Karleskint, Joiner (Alternate)
Placer Mosquito & Vector Control Board: Gilbert
Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG): Joiner, Silhi (Alternate)
South Placer Regional Transportation Authority (SPRTA): Joiner, Silhi (Alternate)
Regional Water Authority (RWA): Lauritsen, Staff (Alternate)
Western Placer Waste Management Authority (WPWMA): Karleskint, Andreatta (Alternate)
City Select Committee: Andreatta
Lincoln Rural Municipal Advisory Council - Sheridan (MAC): Andreatta
Construction Operation JPA (COJA): Karleskint, Lauritsen (Alternate)
NID/City: Lauritsen, Staff (Alternate)
PCWA/City: Joiner, Lauritsen (Alternate)

2021 Council Committee Assignments1


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