Infrastructure & Utilities


Utilities Overview

Electric Power Providers:


 1 (800) 743-5000

·Economic development staff to answer questions on location incentives, labor costs and supply, transportation and communications infrastructure, real estate costs and availability, fees and taxes.

·Custom rate analysis and help to evaluate utility costs and buying options.

·Detailed cost and reliability analysis on specific site.

·Economic Development Rate Incentive.

·Fact Sheets – descriptions of PG&E’s rates and services for economic developers and companies considering a location in California.

·      Energy Efficiency Programs (PDF, 81 KB)

·      Commercial/Industrial Electric Rates (PDF, 86 KB)

·      Electric Rate Components (PDF, 62 KB)

·      Self-Generation Incentive Program (PDF, 80 KB)

·      Economic Development Rate Incentive (PDF, 62 KB)

·      California Solar Initiative (PDF, 101 KB)

Natural Gas Providers:


 1 (800) 743-5000

Bundled and unbundled natural gas service. Link below provides a description of Pacific Gas and Electric Company's natural gas rates and services for economic developers and companies a considering a location in California.

Telecom Providers:


 1 (800) 310-2355

·Digital TV               Direct TV



·High-speed Internet


 WAVE Broadband

 1 (866) 929-3123

·Cable TV

·Digital Cable TV




·High-speed Internet


·Data Transport

·Local Programming

 Sure West

 1 (866) 787-3937

·Digital Cable TV

·High-speed Internet

·Local and Long Distance Telephone service

Solid Waste:

 Nearest Landfill

Western Regional Sanitary Landfill

3195 Athens Ave, Lincoln

(916) 645-4603

 Landfill Capacity

·Total capacity: 36,350,000 cubic yards

·Used capacity: 12,551,577 cubic yards

·Remaining capacity: 23,798,423 cubic yards

·Projected lifespan extending to 2042

 Nearest Hazardous  Waste Facility

Western Placer Waste Management Authority(WPWMA)

3033 Fiddyment Road, Roseville, CA

(916) 543-3960


Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Disposal Facility

Department of Public Services

 City of Lincoln

 (916) 434-2450

Special City Services:

·Garbage Collection – 90-gal container provided on a weekly basis.

·Green Waste Collection – choice of 64- or 90-gal container; yard waste collected on an alternating week basis.

·Spring Cleanup – Once a year service for city residents for bulky items

·Universal Waste Collection Service.

Water Providers

 Department of Public Services

 City of Lincoln

 (916) 434-2450

Groundwater from 4 City-owned Municipal Wells; City’s back up water supply


 Placer County Water Agency

 Auburn, CA

 (530) 823-4850

Surface Water from Sierra Snow Pack; City’s base water supply

17 Million Gallons a Day (MGD)

Waste Water Treatment

 Lincoln Wastewater Treatment

 and Reclamation Facility

 Department of Public Services

 City of Lincoln

 (916) 434-2450

The City of Lincoln’s Wastewater Treatment and Reclamation Facility (WWTRF) is a public-private partnership between the City and private developers. The WWTRF will initially process 4.2 MGD of raw sewage with expansion capacity up to 30 MGD for planned buildout and potential regional services. With the possible addition of regional flows, the WWTRF could produce approximately 25,000 acre-feet of reclaimed water per year – potentially servicing 50,000 single-family homes. Up to 75 acre-feet of water per day is available for agriculture and irrigation.

Lincoln WWTRF has won numerous awards:

·California Water Environment Association State Plant Safety Award (2010)

·SAS Plant Safety Awards (2010, 2007, 2006, 2005)

·SAS Honorable Mention Safety Award (2008)

·State Small Plant of the Year Award (2009)

·SAS Small Plant of the Year Awards (2009, 2008, 2007, 2005)

·State Plant of the Year Award (2008, 2007, 2005)

·SAS Operator of the Year, Devon Morris (2010)

·SAS Special Achievement in Operations, Justin Gregory (2005)

·American Public Works Association Project of the Year (2005)

·Engineering Achievement Award (2003), 2nd Place (2004)

·CALED Helen Putnam Award of Excellence (2003)