Wage Reimbursement Program


Lincoln-based businesses are eligible to receive up to $8,000 for “on-the-job” training provided to each new employee. This program, administered through Golden Sierra Job Training Agency, provides a wage reimbursement to employers to help offset the costs associated with training newly hired employees. The flyer and FAQ information below provide additional details about the program. 

Golden Sierra Wage Reimbursement FAQ's:

Q: Must I select a candidate from Golden Sierra’s pool, or can I find my own candidate?

A: You can do either one.  However, if you find your own candidate, he/she must still meet the eligibility
requirements and must register with Golden Sierra before he/she begins working.  Eligible candidates
are those who are currently unemployed or “underemployed” (underemployed individuals are working
part‐time, but desire full‐time employment OR are working in employment not commensurate with the
individual’s educational attainment).   

Q: How do I know if I would qualify for the full $8,000 reimbursement versus something less?

A: Golden Sierra consults the “Specific Vocational Preparation”  guide developed by the U.S. Department
of Labor to help determine the appropriate length for an OJT contract.  This tool provides information
regarding the amount of time it takes for a typical worker in a particular occupation to adequately
perform on the job. You would be eligible to receive reimbursement for the person’s wages for the
amount of “training” time, but only up to $8,000.  So, for example, if the position requires 2 weeks of
on‐the‐job training, you would be reimbursed for 2 weeks of wages, while a position requiring 3 months
of on‐the‐job training would trigger 3 months of wage reimbursement.  However, the total amount in
either case cannot exceed $8,000.

Q: Does Golden Sierra ever run out of incentive funding?  How do I know if there are still funds

A: Funding for this program occurs on a fiscal calendar year (July‐June), and funds are disbursed on a
first‐come, first‐served basis.  As of the writing of this FAQ, no FY 2014/15 funds have yet been used, so
there is a lot of funding to go around!

Q: How many jobs does this program help to fund?  Who are the typical businesses utilizing this

A: Over the last fiscal year, Golden Sierra reimbursed 28 local businesses for hiring, training, and
retaining new employees. This year, there is funding available to provide wage reimbursements for up
to 40 employers. Most of these contracts are for small businesses (employers with fewer than 20

Q: Whom do I contact to register for the program?

A: Darlene M. Galipo, Deputy Director, Golden Sierra Job Training Agency, Roseville 916.746.7722
extension 122.

On the Job Training Flyer