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PCWA Phase III Water Main


The City of Lincoln is working with Placer County Water Agency (PCWA) to construct another key piece of infrastructure to ensure the City has adequate water supplies.  Over the past two decades, PCWA and the City have been constructing new facilities, including water distribution pipelines and storage tanks, in order to increase the volume of treated surface water that PCWA can provide to the City to meet anticipated future demands. These new facilities are collectively known as the Penryn-Lincoln Pipeline. Go here to view the map of the project.

The Phase III Pipeline and Metering Station project involves construction of a 6,000 foot long 30-inch diameter water transmission pipeline along the highest elevations in eastern Lincoln and a structure designed to measure the amount of water delivered to the City from PCWA. The metering station will be built on City owned land in the vicinity of Sierra College Boulevard and Twelve Bridges Drive.

Benefits of the Phase III Water Main Project include:

  • Delivery of more water to the City for current and future needs.
  • Provide operational flexibility and redundancy to the overall water system.
  • Provide the opportunity to store more water at higher elevations.
  • Reduce the City’s dependence on ground water sources.

    The overall project includes:

  • Connecting to the existing system/source near Vista De Medera and ending near the “City Pond Site”.
  • A 6,000-foot long pipeline along the easterly ridge of the City.
  • An approximately 4,500 square foot metering station/pressure reducing building with the capability to add a small hydroelectric generating station in the future.
  • Electrical instrumentation and controls.
  • Connection for the future 10-million gallon storage tank project next to the metering station.
  • Designed to accommodate the future Bickford Ranch water transmission line from the northeast.

    The City’s goals during construction include:

  • Keep neighbors and the community informed throughout construction.


The Phase III Pipeline and Metering Station Project is currently being designed and construction is anticipated to begin this summer with completion expected by summer of 2017.

Costs & Funding

Per the City’s agreement with PCWA, the project is funded with deposit made to PCWA by the City for the Bickford pipeline to be used for this pipeline. The total project cost is approximately $3.6M.


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