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Mid-Western Placer Regional Sewer Project


On March 13, 2012 the County Board of Supervisors voted to accept the City of Lincoln’s offer to complete the Mid-Western Placer Regional Sewer Project and directed County staff to negotiate the necessary agreements between the City of Lincoln and potentially the City of Auburn for design and environmental review of the project.

On February 28, 2012 the Lincoln City Council had confirmed its February 2011 offer with modifications requested by County and Auburn staff.

Staff from the County, Lincoln and Auburn are working together to implement this mutually beneficial regional sewer project.

All three agencies recognize that conveying sewage to Lincoln for treatment is the best long term solution to compliance with water quality requirements. A single larger regional treatment plant can more cost effectively meet increasingly stringent water quality standards. The Lincoln plant started operations in 2004 and was laid out to serve the future needs of Lincoln as well as the larger regional needs of treating Auburn and North Auburn sewage.

The regional sewer project includes three main parts:

1) Sewage pump stations at Auburn and North Auburn Wastewater Treatment Plants

2) Pressurized pipe from each of these pump stations to convey sewage to the City of Lincoln

3) Expansion of the Lincoln Wastewater and Reclamation Facility to accommodate the Auburn and North Auburn sewage

The project will also benefit the environment by removing treated effluent from sensitive foothill streams that serve as spawning grounds for the endangered Steelhead Trout and Salmon.

Go here for Draft Environmental Impact Report for the Regional Sewer Project.

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