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Operation Make a Difference’s mission is to assist the transient community in and around Lincoln, while simultaneously mitigating the impact that homelessness has on businesses, residents, and our environment. By leveraging the City of Lincoln, non-profits, faith communities, and concerned citizens, we can make a difference in both the lives of those who are homeless and our community as a whole.


Need Help?

Are you, or is someone you know, experiencing homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless? Contact the Placer Homeless Resource Helpline at 1-833-3PLACER. This is the only intake route for emergency housing in the County, and they will help you find the best placement available.

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How YOU Can Help.

Donate to well-established non-profits, such as the Gathering Inn, Salt Mine, Lighthouse Family Resource Center, or Placer Food Bank. While giving directly to those in need may seem like the best way to help, non-profits specialize in maximizing the impact of your generosity. In addition, items you give directly to homeless individuals often end up in the Auburn Ravine, impacting the wildlife that lives there.

Report encampments and negative behavior. Call the non-emergency police line at 916-645-4040 and report encampments or negative behavior; this allows our police officers to make contact, offer services, and intervene in the behavior.



Regular Meetings: Operation Make a Difference meets on the second Tuesday of each month, at 11 AM in the first floor meeting room of City Hall. Please visit the City’s calendar to confirm dates.

Police Patrols: The Lincoln Police Department conducts regular patrols of the Auburn Ravine and Downtown areas, in order to identify encampments and facilitate access to services.

Camp Clean-ups: Lincoln Public Services staff and partner non-profits regularly clean up encampments in the Auburn Ravine area, thus preserving the natural beauty and recreational value of the Auburn Ravine area.


Operation Make a Difference is a joint project between the City of Lincoln and many dedicated community organizations, including the following:

Gathering Inn


Lighthouse FRC 

salt mine 

Placer Food Bank