Government Transparency



The City of Lincoln strives to operate in a manner that is both transparent and accountable to the public. Being transparent is much more than just opening the financial books to residents who have an interest, it is a state of operating where information is in the open and easy to find. The City of Lincoln hopes you find this transparency page both informative and helpful.



The City of Lincoln is committed to honest budgeting, responsible spending, and financial
transparency. In this spirit, the City has partnered with OpenGov to provide its citizens
and stakeholders with the Financial Transparency Portal. The portal is designed to bring
visibility, openness, and accountability to our operations.

This link provided above gives users the opportunity to view, filter, and analyze revenue, expense, and
balance sheet financial data for The City of Lincoln. You can analyze financial trends and download the data (i.e in Excel) for offline analysis. 

SB 272

This bill requires local agencies, except a local educational agency, to create a catalog of enterprise systems, to make the catalog publicly available upon request in the office of the person or officer designated by the agency's legislative body, and to post the catalog on the local agency's Internet Web site. The bill requires the catalog to disclose a list of the enterprise systems utilized by the agency, the current system vendor and product, unless, on the facts of the particular case, the public interest served by not disclosing that information clearly outweighs the public interest served by disclosure, in which case the local agency may instead provide a system name, brief title, or identifier of the system.

City Clerk's Office

The City Clerk’s Office performs a variety of professional and administrative duties in accordance with the Elections Code, Public Records Act, Political Reform Act, Brown Act and the City Municipal Code. The statutes of the State of California prescribe the basic functions and duties of City Clerks in General Law cities. The Government Code provides that a City Clerk shall perform such additional duties as are prescribed by ordinance.

2021 Maddy Act

In compliance with the requirements of the Maddy Act, California Government Code Section

§54970, the following appointment list of the City of Lincoln's Board, Commission and Committee members is posted on an annual basis.  The names on this list are subject to changed based on term expiration and resignations that occur during the year.  

Link to 2021 Maddy Act - City of Lincoln posting.


City of Lincoln Legislative Platform

The City Council approved the updated Public Policy Platform for Local, Regional, State and Federal Advocacy at their May 12, 2020 City Council meeting.


City of Lincoln Strategic Action Plan