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Post Date:09/19/2018 9:22 AM

Updated as of 07/10/2018 ...

Water Refund Update


The purpose of this update is to clarify how refunds for the 2013 Tiered Water Rate Structure will be issued to the City’s ratepayers.  Because of the staff and labor intensive nature of calculating and issuing the refunds, the City has separated the refunds into the following rounds:

Round One (Residential):  The first round of refunds for the period of February 2016 to March 2017 for Residential customers has been completed.

Round Two (Non-Residential and Multi-Family Residential):  The next refunds to be issued will be for Non-Residential and Multi-Family Residential customers for the same time period as the First Round, i.e., February 2016 to March 2017. It is anticipated these refunds will be issued in July and August of 2018.

Round Three (Residential, Non-Residential, and Multi-Family Residential)**:  Upon completion of Round 1 and 2 refunds, the City will begin processing refunds for all customers for the time period beginning January 2014 (the implementation date of the rate structure) through January 2016 (the last billing cycle prior to the start of the time period for the first round of refunds).

Round Four (Residential):  The City will issue refunds for residential customers for the time period April 2017 through the date when the newly adopted rates are implemented, which is anticipated to be October 2018. Because the issuance of Round Four Refunds are governed by a deadline in a court settlement agreement, the issuance of these refunds will take priority over the refunds being issued for Round 3.

Round Five (Non-Residential and Multi-Family Residential)**:  Round Five provides for the issuance of refunds for Non-Residential and Multi-Family Residential customers for the same time period as Round Four.

**Please note: One and Four are stipulated by the settlement agreement and therefore take precedence over the processing of the other Rounds that were implemented by subsequent actions of City Council. As a result, Rounds Three and Five of the refunds may potentially not be completed until after Round Four is completed for the reasons stated above.

For each Round, customers who are owed less than $1,000 for their refund will be credited on their water utility account and customers who are owed more than $1,000 will receive a refund check.




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